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Melissa Ilievski, also known as Euro Barbie, was born and raised in Michigan and is the deliciously exotic combination of Serbian and Macedonian. She started modeling at the age of 14 and was in her first swimwear competition at the age of 15. She has made herself quite the name in both the modeling and swimwear industries in the US and Worldwide. Melissa has a natural talent of being a people person, and has already created quite the fan base that follows her every move. Ilievski, a swimwear model was inspired to start her own line of Swimwear "Wet Peach Swimwear" at the age of 15, because she “could never find the right suit that stood out from the rest.

She has recently ventured into the Music Industry. Her first recording So Cali with Music Artist "Zitro" has inspired her to continue writing and producing music. Her future also includes a women's, men's clothing line, Music Productions Co & a world in the Entertainment Business. 

She is learning day by day new talents she did not know she had in her. Her motto "Failure is not an option but Success is". She says, the World is yours if you want it. She believes, that the mind is stronger for all, if they would just try and believe in themselves. According to her, if you set yourself up for failure, then you will fail. If you set your mind for success, then you will succeed. 

Melissa says, that she is “meticulous about perfection” and about “making sure her accomplishments and success have grown to an Empire”!