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Custom Made Swimsuits for Sale

"When sexy just isn't enough" 

Wet Peach Swimwear Boutique

The CEO/ Founder/Owner of Wet Peach Swimwear, WPS Limited LLC  is Michigan born Melissa Ilievski. Ilievski, a swimwear model who began her career at the age of 14, was inspired to start the company at the age of 15, because she “could never find the right suit that stood out from the rest. A short time later, she approached a Friend, to put her visions together on paper , so she can bring them to life. According to Melissa, she made sure, that both of them could communicate and understand what her dreams and visions are for Wet Peach Swimwear.   Melissa  says, she is “meticulous about perfection” and about “making sure the product is 110% before it hits the market”. She always tries to anticipate future trends so that she can be “ahead of the pack”. What sets Wet Peach Swimwear apart from the competition is that, in addition to selling swimwear, they’re also selling a lifestyle that, encompasses “the beauty of Europe and the glam of Hollywood”. Wet Peach Swimsuits are  only available on-line at the moment but, when  next season comes out, Wet Peach Swimwear will begin showing up in stores all across the United States and Europe. In the future, Melissa wants Wet Peach Swimwear “to become one of the biggest brands in fashion, and to be on the tip of the tongue of every celebrity, both in the United States and around the world” and to show up at “beach parties and swimwear based events, the world over.” Wet Peach Swimwear is off to a great start. In 2010 alone, Wet Peach’s Swimsuits were featured prominently at three different high profile events: Miami Groove Cruise in Miami, Florida, Winter Music Conference in South Beach, Florida and The Ultimate Fantasy Weekend in Palm Springs, California . WPS has also been featured several times in Swimsuit Illustrated USA and Australia, also named Designer of the Year in 2012 ! Their latest Feature was South Africa Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

For many women, finding the right swimsuit is one of the most difficult shopping decisions of the year. Not only must your suit fit you well and adhere to your personal style, but it must also make a statement every time you lounge by the pool, take a dip in a Jacuzzi, or sunbathe by the ocean.

At Wet Peach Swimwear, our custom-made swimsuits for sale are designed with women like you in mind.

Unique Suits

Wet Peach Swimwear began specifically to help women find swimwear just as sexy, luxurious, and unique as they are.

Our suits boast all of the following characteristics:

  • Go beyond the current fashion trends for women’s swimwear

  • Featured at high-profile celebrity events

  • Featured in magazines from the United States, Australia, and South Africa

  • Made in limited collections of only 100 suits, making each suit a special designer piece

  • Worn by models, celebrities, and women of note around the world

Browse our collections of handcrafted swimwear for sale on our collections page to find the perfect

suit for you and your personality.

Unparalleled Appeal

At Wet Peach Swimwear, we never settle for ordinary. And we believe you shouldn’t have to settle either. Designer and CEO Melissa Ilievski uses her experience in the swimsuit modeling industry to create unique, attractive swimwear. Each of our suits are perfected before we sell them to ensure that you receive a high-quality, fashion-forward product.

Choose our beautiful suits for your next vacation, getaway, or pool party.

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